Art Student problems


That moment when you see people your age that are way more successful artists than you.


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Go to an artschool they said, it will be fun they said


I’m sorry professors, but I can’t do my homework today. I am not kawaii enough.

As an Art Student…


I get a lot of reactions and statements like:

That sounds like fun

oh you must get great grades

I wish i could sit around and paint all day

What kind of job do you plan on getting with that degree

That is the most useless thing to major in


Who the freak do you think designs these apps, websites, magazines, and ads that you used, read, and troll all day? A nursing major?


Are artists born crazy, or is this what happens to a person who’s spent too many hours staring at fruit assemblages?


How to avoid drawing hands:
1. Make the arms wings with no hand. They have feet to pick shit up with
2. Make them fins. No spaghetti fingers making it hard to swim. Have a thumb for grasping
3. Put the hands in the hair. Sexy pose
4. Huge ball gowns. Too many layers, such tiny hands where did they go?
5. Born with no hands!!!!! No hands!!!! Ever!!!!


Art student life.